Current Happening on my life

2015-12-07 01:36:09 by KingSid1412

Creating my very first animation short ........

Current Happening on my life

2015-11-05 01:24:56 by KingSid1412

Learing animation and programming at the same time

Current Update

2015-05-15 12:20:09 by KingSid1412

Exam is Over...

Current Status

2015-05-06 23:58:57 by KingSid1412

Exam is coming!

Current Update

2015-03-29 10:04:26 by KingSid1412

Currently working on an animation clip for picoday2015.......should be completed before deadline...atleast I hope so! 


2015-02-17 12:30:54 by KingSid1412

Hi guys i am KingSid...full name Siddharth Dutta...I just joined newgrounds and i love art,animation etc...My dream is to someday create my own animation studio. I am currently a student and also learning animation as a hobby.....and I would love to share my work as i learn and also am exicited to learn  form u hope you guys like my works and please suggest me anything ok..So yeh lets see what happenes and I hope I do well in this awesome platform